Outsource Tech solution for CTO

Why you would need to outsource your tech ?

I’ve been getting a lot of queries pertaining this topic, and it comes down to asking the question’s

  • How quickly do we need the solution ?
  • Which is the right technology to render the output ?
  • Do I need a scallable solution or a quick remedy ?

Outsourcing tech development is probably the best solution for any SME or Enterprise cause the outcome of the solution is pretty much structured and streamlined with regards to its functionality. But for a Researcher or Startup it should be the most best sought solution during its initial ideation stages as the following gets sorted during its development cycle :

  • Tech Hiring
  • Tech Management
  • Understanding next gen tech for rapid implementation
  • Scaling a MVP Solution
  • Product strategizing
  • Milestone management and evolution

When we ideate a product, the focus is on yielding an outcome but not the tech structures which render its capabilities, that’s where an outsourced firm plays a key role. They shape the solution, render it’s outcome and most often make sure its future ready towards other implementations such as Progressive Web Apps which is a recent trends in the Web Tech Space. You can try the basic version by clicking on the mobile icon and adding to home screen when viewing my site on your mobile browser.

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Is a tech entrepreneur who developed India's first operating system on cloud MICROS and runs a 5 year bootstrapped Research and Development IT Firm Pupa Clic primarily spending most hours developing niche technology or managing the products built under his guidance.

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