Why am I still bootstrapped 

Looking back 5 years from now, I can still remember walking the streets of Chennai with an ideology that people get technology. It was then I met a good friend of mine and explained to him the concept of a mobile app talking to electronics and his answer was “Hmm, hard to sell seeing not many had a smartphone”.

We now live in an era of technological breakthroughs were thoughts have been transformed to products and idealogies to implementations.

If you can generate Rs. 1 crore in annual revenue at Rs. 20 lakhs net profit, your business is viable but may not be fundable. If you can generate Rs. 10 crore in annual revenue at Rs. 20 crore net loss, your business is fundable but may not be viable. Always remember, when you raise a chicken for eggs, its overall health and survivability is important; when you raise a chicken for meat, the only thing that is important is its growth, that too as fast as possible.

My firm Pupa Clic is a services based firm so from day one the monetary aid was backed by a client to support their project development. From our first client Swan Electric Consortium and Engineering, no debts, Bootstrapped and strong our aim is to branch global this year. 

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Is a tech entrepreneur who developed India's first operating system on cloud MICROS and runs a 5 year bootstrapped Research and Development IT Firm Pupa Clic primarily spending most hours developing niche technology or managing the products built under his guidance.

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