Negligence in software feature commitments

2018 has been a year where many enterprise’s have neglected to standby the feature sets proposed. A notable trend has been noticed where hardware propositions attain complete fulfillment at the time of launch and deployment, but software based feature sets have taken a toll in its launch.

An interesting read here gives an understanding to a quick case study on such an enterprise. Since hardware involves physical testing with protocols of data predefined and validated hardware seem to pass through a feature dependent test. But, when it boils down to a software-based functionality most deployments “wing it” with the conceptualization a bug or defect can be resolved over an OTA update.

At Pupa Clic, our implementations, development and deployment have a united front where sprints are unified with software and the needed embedded stack. As every engineer is well versed with web + embedded stack, every dependency is checked to ensure a MVP or version developed is always built to have a working customer facing product and not solution.

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Pupa Clic Turns 6

Ever since June 1st 2012, Pupa Clic has been in the forefront of technological innovation, breaking barriers with solutions on Web, App and IoT. Clocking at a closure of 198 projects to date with 150+ IP created in the tech space, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Over the past year, in IoT we have been involved in developing end to end stacks of firmware for smart routers, creating next-generation mesh networks for enterprises as products. On Web an App we have scaled solutions in workflow automation and building consumer-facing applications for the next wave of internet applications.

A journey defined by a number living life made of experiences. You can find more of our experiences at

How Abishek and Antony evolved with Pupa Clic

Pupa Clic is turning 6 this year on June 1st 2018 and taking a step back into memory lane there is none more prominent than Antony Joseph Ephrem .R , Chief Operations Officer – Products and Abishek .R , Chief Operations Officer – Solutions .

Pupa Clic, being a  research and development IT firm have it’s roots building solutions and products in Web, Mobile Apps and IoT (Internet of Things). Abishek and Antony headed the solutions and products division at Pupa Clic scaling the tech expertise in various domains from the ground up embedded works to enterprise Apps scaling a customer base of 52 million data.

A little insight into our works together is enclosed below :

Back in 2013, Me and Abishek built Project AR Labs, where a community run platform was built in digitalizing the Physics manual with an Augmented Reality (AR) layer by allowing students to experience and perform their experiment’s at any surrounding.

2014 was when we first ventured into embedded and IoT, and with Antony by my side, we built Pupa Clic’s very first end to end home automation solutions and smart electronics line up which we deployed to Club Mahindra Coorg through Swan Electric consortium and engineering (Swelcom).

In 2015, Abishek, Antony and I together merged Web, Mobile App and IoT tech stacks with Fuel Book – A device which converts any car into a smart car, a breakthrough in the tech space at that time and helped us breach a new product space in the market.

In 2016, our enterprise product mobFos – A feet on street management solution, where enterprises across pan India utilized the solution for Address Verification, Sales Tracking and Last mile delivery.

In 2017, mobFos reached its pinnacle of closing in 52 million customer data worldwide with approx 15,000 cases closed on a daily basis by enterprises in Financial, Telecom and Logistics sector.

With 150 IP built in-house and 297 projects deployed to date across the globe, Pupa Clic is a force to reckon with and this is just the start.

How hiring is done at Pupa Clic

Pupa Clic is a research and development IT firm which builds, develops, operates technology based products and solutions in Web, App and IoT also being updated on a daily basis on upcoming niche tech in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain. Being a coder or product engineer isn’t rocket science as there exists a set of protocols which govern and implement, what we expect from a PCian is to be creative and artistic in understanding the base concepts to mould a constructive scalable solution for a given problem.

Every single person at Pupa Clic are handpicked and trained personally by the tier 1 executives through a vigorous 30 day period covering:


  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • Web development
  • Server side scripting
  • Machine learning basics
  • Blockchain incorporations


  • 3D printing
  • 3D model development


  • Pitch deck creations
  • Business development basics
  • Agile implementation and execution
  • Basics of web SEO
  • Shark tank pitching rounds

All 3 sections are taught and trained to every single department, be it a developer or a business development personnelle. Post 30 days of training a non-clientele task is given to build a product, and based on its outcome we bring in the candidate to join our team.

During the 30 day training period the candidates are monitored and mentored on 3 levels

  • Communication interactions
  • Creativity shown in solving a problem
  • Being an efficient thinker with a scalable solution

Pre checks before applying at Pupa Clic

  • No standing arrears
  • Mandate PAN card holder
  • Experience as a developer is NOT mandatory

Hiring Rounds

  • Email filter
  • In face interview
  • [Mandate] Training period

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Pupa Clic Canada

It’s been a good week at Pupa Clic, and we end it introducing our new setup in Ontario, Canada.

Canada’s definitely a place to look out for with regards to innovation in the coming few months, and from Pupa Clic’s developments (some of which can be found on the factory room : over the past 5 years, it makes all the more sense to branch out its wings and be a catalyst in its growth.

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36, Brahms Ave,
North York, Ontario,
Canada M2H 1H4.
(+1) 647 786 1627

Pupa Clic in a nutshell 

Pupa Clic’s a research and development IT firm comprising of 3 verticals – Labs, Products and Solutions.

Under labs, we build and develop niche tech such as AR, VR, IoT, machine learning and pervasive computing.

Under products we have certain developments which we license to smes and enterprises, our notables products are mobFos which is a feet on street management solution used for Address verification, Collections and Sales, it has closed in 15million cases till date deployed pan India for 90% telecom and 75% finance firm and Fuel Book which is a plug and play IoT device which turns any car into a smart car.

The solutions vertical is a typical requirements based development on App, Web and IoT and we’ve closed in 275+ projects in 8 countries over the past 5 years. We also act as an outsource CTO to a Singapore and Indian startup were we build, develop and operate their tech infrastructure.

Were placed as a Tech task force in the market.

Does this answer your query ? If you want further insights on what we do, have a look at the factory room.

Pupa Clic Turns 5

5 years back from today, I started Pupa Clic, a research and development IT firm with the purpose to Build. Develop. Operate products on niche technology and provide solutions through automation on Web, App and IoT (Smart Electronics). Looking back at the team we’ve scaled, the tech we’ve built and the barriers we’ve crossed, this is a milestone which we’ve achieved in our 10 year road map and the coming months were looking at disrupting the market at a large scale.

With Abishek catering to Services and Antony with products, we’ve created Startups, executed with Researcher’s, managed SMEs and scaled Enterprises, operating 286 projects till date in Web, App and IoT (Smart Electronics). All this and more wasn’t possible without the team spirit built from our family, clients, associated firms, well wishers, friends and you.

The path is set, targets have been placed, it’s time to scale.
Pupa Clic – Creating technological assets since June 1st 2012 –

Pupa Clic – The Task Force for Technology Development

Pupa Clic is my firm which comprises of services, products and labs as it’s development modes catering to the needs of Web, App and Smart Electronics (IoT).

Services is where the requisites are collected for an idea or problem and a solution is rendered for the same.

Labs is place where the development team builds next generation Technology​and Infrastructure stacks, with our in-house tech resources from 3D printers to embedded electronics.

Products is our production ready solutions which caters to automation in large scale, deploying them in Enterprise SAAS.

Pupa Clic - An Elite Task Force for Tech
Pupa Clic – An Elite Task Force for Tech

With the world moving at pace where conventional CRMs and Apps don’t meet the cut to scale businesses, we at Pupa ClicPupa Clic build work flow solutions not only in the App space but also form integrators to smart electronics and build the tech stack for the same.

A good case study was with Swan Electric Consortium and Engineering where we built a store management system monitoring inventory stock, POS – Point of sale, delivery monitoring and store managers. The added IoT component which was used to monitor the garage door was linked to the backend to notify the store managers the number of times an activity happened with regards to opening and closing the door.

Projects such as this and many others developed at Pupa Clic makes us the preferable partner for Technology development.

What’s your take ? Let me know on your comments.

HungryForever hits 1,000,000

On 30th Jan 2016 I was called over by Pradeep Rajadas pertaining an issue with HHVM on HungryForever’s platform and on Feb 2016 I became the Chief Technology Officer at ForeverNetworks (the parent firm). A year has passed and a new milestone has been achieved with one of the world’s leading food blogging web domain

HungryForever crosses a million likes on facebook