Pupa Clic and its community outreach

The world of tech is ever changing and there exists a crunch in understanding and exposing the right talent pool to the right skill set which can expand into innovation and productisation to solve world problems in an efficient manner.

My firm Pupa Clic, A research and development IT firm focussing on providing breakthrough solutions in Web, App and IoT over the past 6.5 years has always lent its hand in promoting and bridging the gap between market need and tech development. In an upcoming event

ita mit madras inauguration

at the Madras Institute of Technology (MIT, Chennai) Abishek – COO Solutions, Pupa Clic will be representing and inaugurating the Information Technology Association (ITA).


With this, we aim to inspire more young individuals to look beyond the box and channel their focus on driving innovation by doing and not just thinking.

Why Masayoshi Son Invested $20 Million in a Young Jack Ma

SoftBank Group Corp. Chairman and CEO Masayoshi Son explains why he invested in a young Jack Ma even though Ma “had no business plan.” He speaks with David Rubenstein for “The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations” in a conversation recorded Sept. 19. (Source: Bloomberg)

Five Tips for the Indian Woman Techie – Rajani Seshadri

A couple of weeks back, James Damore, then a Google employee, wrote a now (in)famous email to his coworkers, about Google’s policies and practices on gender diversity.

While many people have commented on various aspects of the original memo, I wonder what lessons this has for us, a country where women are joining the tech workforce in large numbers.

Today, women form almost 50% of the class in Electrical, Electronics, Computer Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology programs. We have several advantages over the west

  1. The Indian tech industry is open to hiring women
  2. Our families, especially our mothers, whether they worked or were home-makers, are supportive and value the importance of our careers
  3. Despite the stereotype, many Indian men do want their wives to have a career, especially in tech
  4. Indian Tech companies lead the way in gender diversity programs

Women form between 30-50% of the entry-level professionals in Indian tech companies.

What can we do to ensure that this pipeline remains healthy over time and women find it interesting, satisfying and rewarding to work in high technology areas?

I hope to write this as a three-part series to share my ideas on what can be done – by the individual, by industry and by academia (schools and colleges)

Here are five things I’ve learnt in my career of over 30 years in Electronics and IT Services.

Stay Immersed, Stay Invested

Academically, women continue to take the top places in graduate and under-graduate programs, as they do in high-school. It is important to continue the learning habit once we complete our education. Immersing oneself in a subject builds interest and as we ‘get it’, interest develops. This is the single best investment each of us can make. In my experience, women get caught up in several challenges and under-invest in continuous learning.

Twenty-five years ago, I was one of the very few women in the area of Telecom Switching. It was a new subject for all of us, but I had a 4-year old child to raise, a home to manage and I had to find time to acquire expertise. It was also before Google and electronic tablets, which meant I carried books (heavy ones at that) and print copies of articles around, to read on the train, in buses and wherever else I could. In fact, I have been so immersed in reading at the bus-stop, that if my colleagues hadn’t shouted from the company bus, I’d have missed it. But all the reading and learning helped me to become one of the experts in the company.

Information is easier to access today than ever before. There are free and paid courses, webinars and tons of reading material available online to build awareness and expertise. We are limited only by our willingness to invest – time and money – in ourselves.

Each of us has to take personal responsibility to continue to learn – Every. Day.

Stay Relevant

Once you develop Subject Matter Expertise, don’t hide your light under a bushel. As Sheryl Sandberg says in her book, Lean-In – take a seat at the table (not along the wall of the conference room), volunteer an opinion, defend your position – let people know that you know your subject.

Every single person in that room is there to showcase themselves, so don’t wait for someone to solicit your opinion. Leaning-in and contributing will ensure that you are always on the invitee list.

It is difficult to speak up, especially when everyone else in the room is talking loudly, often over each other and without any blank air-time to allow for an interruption. I have seen people get their point in by speaking softer – the entire room goes quiet, to hear better. Preparing a set of bullet-points before the meeting can also help you get started.A coach can help you rehearse your points before the meeting.

Contribute to Technical and Industry Forumspost on LinkedIn – when you have published a technical piece on, say, ‘How IoT can influence Healthy Office Buildings’, most colleagues will automatically want to listen to your opinions on other areas – after all, you may have an idea!

Stay Connected

I was the Chairperson for the Indian Women Network (IWN), Tamil Nadu last year and have been involved with the organisation from the conceptualisation stage. IWN aspires to bring women professionals together to learn from each other – to gain a mentor and to mentor younger women. Our single biggest challenge has been to get women to attend ‘member meets’ – once a quarter.

Women believe that their work should speak for itself, but the body of work we produce is screaming, “Hey, give me some help here – talk about me” – we need to tell people – what we have accomplished, what we are doing, how the work matters to our employer and maybe society. Our immediate supervisors and our teams may know, but if we don’t bother to tell people, why should they do our work for us? They’ll talk about their achievements, not ours!

Please join IWN, IEEE, Computer Society of India, NASSCOM or a similar organisation, meet other women – mentor and be mentored. Talk about your achievements and experience.

While an Indra Nooyi or a Shikha Sharma may be aspirational role models, it is easier to relate to someone closer in age, background and experience.

Women are hungry for role models and you may be the one they can emulate!

If there is a party at work, do attend. Your partner and you can agree that you will attend your company’s events, while he spends time with family. I find that when a role requires networking, women believe that they’ll be out every evening.

Industry bodies rarely require more than two or three evenings a month. This means, in a year, you could have thirty opportunities to learn, network and consistently build your brand.

Do join in, enthusiastically, and make those evenings matter.

 Stay Organised 

Time Management is essential if all these have to be done for several years. I recently wrote a post on LinkedIn about time management being the key to work-life integration – so is, staying organised.

My life lesson is, “Where possible, outsource!!”.

We cannot outsource being a good daughter, wife, mother, sister, friend – but we can outsource housekeeping, laundry, cooking and cleaning. Making my kids’ beds doesn’t make me a great mother, but sitting with them while they eat breakfast or helping them with homework gives us time to talk.

A weekly planner with 3 lists – a “Must Do”, “Ought to Do” and “Nice to Do” helps.

Plan your weekend, as much as you plan your week – whether it is Online grocery shopping, planning weekly menus, wardrobe planning for the week ahead – all make for a busy weekend, but help during the week when work crises erupt with zero warning.

If you would like just ‘down-time’, plan that as well.

Do build a group of like-minded women, with whom you can swap tips.

I used to cook all day Saturday and freeze food, as my son’s school was closed on Thursdays and Sundays in Mumbai. I had an advantage, that I recognised and used – power rarely failed in Mumbai and food didn’t spoil. While this worked for me, it may not be right for you – each of us has to find ways that work for us.

Stay Determined

When my younger colleagues ask me how I managed work and family, I wonder what they’re talking about. Granted I had a fantastic support system at home, but I also did all the things I have talked about here. I also showed up for work every day and never refused an opportunity I was offered. I have done roles in programming, design, project management, software process management and have run a business.

When I took a year-long sabbatical after working without a break for 25 years, I trained to become an Executive Coach, which is now a satisfying and rewarding career and plays an important part in shaping future leaders.

Damore didn’t get it quite right – biology is a factor, but it is because women generally subordinate their careers at multiple points in their lives – we’re still the trailing spouses who move cities to accommodate our husband’s careers. Child-bearing, raising children and elder-care fall to women. We need to plan for and around these, rather than give up on our careers.

Critical to Success is not giving up your job – do take long leave if your company offers the option.

It is much easier to return to an organisation that knows your capabilities and where you know the environment and people, than to start job-hunting after a break.

And if you are taking a break, stay connected with colleagues on social media and continue to Stay Invested in learning.

If you must give up your job, fix a date by which you’ll return to work and plan accordingly. There are several companies that hire women who have taken a break and others (for example, Avatar Career Creators) that help women to return to the workforce

The key is to not drift away from the workforce.

So, there is a lot that a woman techie in India can do –

Stay Immersed and Invested in building your expertise,
Stay Relevant by showcasing your competence,
Stay Connected to mentors and peers,
plan your time by Staying Organised
and above all,
Stay Determined to never, ever quit the workforce

Rememberwhen economists talk about the demographic dividend that is a driver for India’s growth story – you’re the superior half of that secret weapon.

Credits : https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/five-tips-indian-woman-techie-rajani-seshadri

Use React JS and you cannot go against Facebook for any patent they hold

This is Facebook’s T&C if you are using React JS framework.


To summarize:

If you use React, you cannot go against Facebook for any patent they hold. Full period.

So if you are a startup hoping for million dollars acquisition from large companies like Google, Amazon etc. hold on to your dreams.

Potential buyers will not touch you with a ten-foot pole, if buying you means they have to surrender their rights to ever sue Facebook for patent infringement.

Source: If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)

SARAHAH users can get HACKED

The recent Sarahah trend is catching up real quick and few developers have discovered that the password reset has major security flaw making your accounts vulnerable.

The info here is that all the developer is probably incorporating is storing all passwords in plain-text and as a result its very likely that if the database is compromised, all the passwords will be as well. To be safe, change all your passwords asap.

Game of thrones Season 7 leak and cyber security

Cyber security is a crucial element when it comes to managing intricate data online. When the ransomware virus hit the mass market, people realised whats the potential risks of mishandling files received online. With the new Season 7 episode 4 of game of thrones (got 7)leaked, folks are now awakening to piracy and how it can affect the mass market. Despite Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and many others offering steaming solutions, the option to jump for a free source still seems to have an impact on the current Net Generation.

At Pupa Clic we ensure security standards are met at utmost contingents from the receivables to processing and deliverables. When we code, built hardware or even conduct a meeting, we ensure

  1. Logging is always implemented
  2. Handshakes are met with all involved
  3. Monitoring systems with impact alerts are set
  4. 2 layers security checks are met
  5. Encryption if needed is always processes with a secret key
  6. No back door access

These are a few to point, but as the engagement continues the rules of engagement are upgraded and not just updated.

An insight on Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky

The concept of the ”I’m feeling lucky” button has always been very simple. When a user typed in a search query on Google and clicked on the button, it would take them to the page listed on the top of the results!

The idea behind the button was that a user would have to have a dose of confidence that they would be directed to the exact page they were thinking of, or at least a relevant one, in a single try. In other words they would have to feel pretty lucky – hence how the button got it’s name.

On the other hand, ”I’m Feeling Lucky” has also been labeled as a display of Google’s own confidence – that they can take you to the desired page in one try! Today, the way the ”I’m Feeling Lucky” button works depends on a feature called ”Google Instant”. When Google Instant is enabled and working, you really have no time to click on the button, as you start seeing suggestions and results the moment you begin typing a query.

However, if you hover over a suggestion beneath the search box, the ”I’m Feeling Lucky” feature will appear to the right! When Google Instant is disabled the ”I’m Feeling Lucky” button goes back to normal, and behaves the way it previously did! But whether Google instant is enabled or disabled, clicking on the button while the search box is empty always takes the user to the Google Doodles gallery.

The video below elaborates further on the same.

Google I/O 2017 vs Pupa Clic

  • Similar to Google Len’s at Pupa Clic we’ve incorporated real world mapping and image recognition in our Augmented Reality browser Clic AR

  • Translation was incorporated for Pupa Clic’s project Clic View which uses real world image recognition and translation

  • A conversational commerce platform was developed for an e-commerce portal with end to end offline voice recognition

The entire Google I/O Keynote summed up in 10 minutes by Verge


Wannacrypt Prevention – Advisory from CERT-In (Government of India)

Over the last few days, many systems globally have been affected by a ransomware named “Wannacrypt”. CERT-In from Government of India, has issued an advisory and precautionary measures for the same.


CERTIn – Vulnerability Note CIVN20170032

Multiple vulnerabilities in Windows SMB
Original Issue Date:March 15, 2017
Severity Rating: HIGH

Software Affected
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and Windows Vista x64 Edition Service Pack 2
Windows 7 for 32bit
Service Pack 1 and Windows 7 for x64based
Systems Service Pack 1
Windows 8.1 for 32bit
and 64bit
Windows RT 8.1
Windows 10 for 32 bit and 64bit
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows Server 2008 R2 for x64based
Systems Service Pack 1
Windows Server 2008 SP2 for 32bit
and 64bit
systems (Server Core Installation)
Windows Server 2008 SP1 R2 for64bit
Systems(Server Core Installation)
Windows Server 2008 R2 for Itaniumbased
Systems Service Pack 1
Windows Server 2008 for Itaniumbased
Systems Service Pack 2
Windows Server 2012 (Server Core Installation)
Windows Server 2012 R2(Server Core Installation)
Windows Server 2016 for 64bit
Systems(Server Core Installation)
Windows Server 2016 for 64bit Systems

Multiple remote code execution vulnerabilities and an Information Disclosure Vulnerability exist in the way that the Microsoft
Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1) server handles certain requests which could be exploited by a remote attacker to execute code on the target server.

1. Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities ( CVE20170143
These vulnerabilities exist in the way that the Microsoft Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1) server handles certain specially crafted requests. A unauthenticated attacker could exploit these vulnerabilities by sending specially crafted packets to the targeted SMBv1 server, which could lead him to run an arbitrary code.

2. Windows SMB Information Disclosure Vulnerability ( CVE20170147)
This vulnerability exists in the way that the Microsoft Server Message Block 1.0 (SMBv1) server handles certain specially crafted requests. A unauthenticated attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending a specially crafted packet to a targeted SMBv1 server, which could lead to information disclosure from the server.


Apply appropriate patches as mentioned in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17010 Vendor Information


CVE Name
The information provided herein is on “as is” basis, without warranty of any kind.

Contact Information
Email: info@certin.org.in
Phone: +911124368572

Postal address
Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERTIn)
Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology
Government of India
Electronics Niketan
6, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi 110 003