Use React JS and you cannot go against Facebook for any patent they hold

This is Facebook’s T&C if you are using React JS framework.


To summarize:

If you use React, you cannot go against Facebook for any patent they hold. Full period.

So if you are a startup hoping for million dollars acquisition from large companies like Google, Amazon etc. hold on to your dreams.

Potential buyers will not touch you with a ten-foot pole, if buying you means they have to surrender their rights to ever sue Facebook for patent infringement.

Source: If you’re a startup, you should not use React (reflecting on the BSD + patents license)

The work for hire terms at Segura

Came across an interesting work contract by a Chicago based design firm – Segura

You give me money, I’ll give you creative.
I’ll start when the check clears.
Time is money. More time is more money.
I’ll listen to you. You listen to me.
You tell me what you want, I’ll tell you what you need.
You want me to be on time, I want you to be on time.
What you use is yours, what you don’t is mine.
I can’t give you stuff I don’t own.
I’ll try not to be an ass, you should do the same.
If you want something that’s been done before, use that.

If you want your way, you have to pay.
If you don’t pay, I have final say.

Let’s create something great together.

Terms such as
“If you want something that’s been done before, use that.”
“I can’t give you stuff I don’t own”
makes sense to be used in services firm where encounters with similar context occurs more than once.

SARAHAH users can get HACKED

The recent Sarahah trend is catching up real quick and few developers have discovered that the password reset has major security flaw making your accounts vulnerable.

The info here is that all the developer is probably incorporating is storing all passwords in plain-text and as a result its very likely that if the database is compromised, all the passwords will be as well. To be safe, change all your passwords asap.

Pupa Clic Canada

It’s been a good week at Pupa Clic, and we end it introducing our new setup in Ontario, Canada.

Canada’s definitely a place to look out for with regards to innovation in the coming few months, and from Pupa Clic’s developments (some of which can be found on the factory room : over the past 5 years, it makes all the more sense to branch out its wings and be a catalyst in its growth.

Hit us up :

36, Brahms Ave,
North York, Ontario,
Canada M2H 1H4.
(+1) 647 786 1627

Game of thrones Season 7 leak and cyber security

Cyber security is a crucial element when it comes to managing intricate data online. When the ransomware virus hit the mass market, people realised whats the potential risks of mishandling files received online. With the new Season 7 episode 4 of game of thrones (got 7)leaked, folks are now awakening to piracy and how it can affect the mass market. Despite Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and many others offering steaming solutions, the option to jump for a free source still seems to have an impact on the current Net Generation.

At Pupa Clic we ensure security standards are met at utmost contingents from the receivables to processing and deliverables. When we code, built hardware or even conduct a meeting, we ensure

  1. Logging is always implemented
  2. Handshakes are met with all involved
  3. Monitoring systems with impact alerts are set
  4. 2 layers security checks are met
  5. Encryption if needed is always processes with a secret key
  6. No back door access

These are a few to point, but as the engagement continues the rules of engagement are upgraded and not just updated.

Pupa Clic in a nutshell 

Pupa Clic’s a research and development IT firm comprising of 3 verticals – Labs, Products and Solutions.

Under labs, we build and develop niche tech such as AR, VR, IoT, machine learning and pervasive computing.

Under products we have certain developments which we license to smes and enterprises, our notables products are mobFos which is a feet on street management solution used for Address verification, Collections and Sales, it has closed in 15million cases till date deployed pan India for 90% telecom and 75% finance firm and Fuel Book which is a plug and play IoT device which turns any car into a smart car.

The solutions vertical is a typical requirements based development on App, Web and IoT and we’ve closed in 275+ projects in 8 countries over the past 5 years. We also act as an outsource CTO to a Singapore and Indian startup were we build, develop and operate their tech infrastructure.

Were placed as a Tech task force in the market.

Does this answer your query ? If you want further insights on what we do, have a look at the factory room.

Game of thrones Season 7 and the new generation of coders

Times have changed and so has the way of code

Just watched the recent trailer of Game of Thrones (GOT) and on taking a look back from season 1 to what’s to come, I could find similarities on how code has evolved over the years and what eventually would lead to automating itself. 

With the rise of code repositories through collaboration and tools which provide conversions of UI to code is now a possibility, it’s only a matter of time where a conceptual functionality can be written through crawling repositories and building code foundations.

Just like the white walkers rise in GOT, the data driven approach will be replaced by a visual execution method.

At Pupa Clic were building integrated solutions for upcoming real world problems and creating a community of people who not engineer but engineers who create. We’re creators of next generation solutions in Web, App and IoT. If your a person who has a vision similar to ours, hit us up at our careers page |