Speaker @ Alpha IEEE Madras Entrepreneurship Summit

I’ve been invited as the guest speaker at Alpha – The IEEE Madras Entrepreneurship Summit.

Sessions & Features:
– Riding the Industrial 4.0 Wave with Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

– Workshop: Business Model Canvas

– How to build an Online Marketplace startup?

– How to raise funds for your startup?

– How to start at college?

If you are interested or know someone who wants to start a start-up or join a start-up, please do join the program.

Venue: SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai

Date: 18 March 2017

Website : http://sites.ieee.org/sb-srmuktk/events-activities/branch-events/alpha-the-ieee-madras-entrepreneurship-summit-2017/

For more details about the event and to register: https://in.explara.com/e/-alpha–the-ieee-madras-entrepreneurship-summit-2017

What defines a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) ?

I came across an interesting read through a WordPress site (reference below) and it made me thinking, it’s best to share my views for the same.

Role of the Chief Technology Officer – http://wp.me/ps8Nx-2q

Had an interesting scenario with one of the firms I operate today (for the purpose of this post, I would refer this firm as Firm X) where the question in hand was how a sub domain which was meant for SEO overlooked from the CTO’s view. On my standpoint I was not aware this was a pressing issue as it wasn’t brought up as “Priority 0” execution. So, what’s the job role of a CTO ? should a CTO become a CPO / CIO / COO when there meets a requisite in an organization ? 

At Pupa Clic we’ve always worked hand in hand with the client/firm understanding the requisites, outlining the process flows and breaking down the milestones to be deployed along with functional and non functional testing, but the way we’ve worked with Firm X, is that they would list the tasks (product and deployment), prioritize them on what they would feel is best, we’d set the deadlines and execute the same. 

A Chief Technology Officer is one who understands the current technologies in the market and works towards, quick development and lower cost of deployment. The position predominantly works with the hierarchy a Chief Product Officer would list in requisites for the CTO to breakdown the best optimal solution for development and deployment.

A sound knowledge of current technologies is the key to achieve the same.

The way a CTO responds to scenarios raised and his job roles shift from a CTO to CPO / CIO / COO comes down to the firm in hand. Predominantly in the startup space I find the CTO provided with end to end strategic tasks such as “Build me a module which captures the GEO location in the background when the App is running”.

The CTO hits the drawing board, breaks down the functionality flow, analyses on existing tech stacks, freezes the data structures, builds a UI / UX layer to the whole process to adapt with the exiting visual feel, and then hits the code to achieve the same. The task is set, the execution is made along with not building a solution, but upgrading the product.

Point blank a CTO is defined in my view, one whose equipped to handle a task for deployment in a quick and optimal way.

At Pupa Clic, we’ve built a team equipped to handle tech stack in Apps, Web and Smart Electronics. From Node, Angular, Native, Embedded circuit development, Firmware code to Operating System kernel stacks we do it all, end to end. We’ve built and deployed from a media center Tablet App with an analytics – Ad manager backend to home automation solutions from the circuit to the App.

Those whom we’re affiliated call us a task force for Tech.

what’s your view ? Leave your responses in the comments below.

Indias 1st OS on Cloud – MICROS – Mobility Incurred Revolutionised Operating System

Its been 6 years since I had presented MICROS was presented to IIT Kanpurs Tech Fest – Techkritti’11 for the event Softcon Endeavour where it bagged in the prize. Started during my 11th grade school days in Don Bosco, years have passed where MICROS has moved from

Indias 1st operating system on cloud

where it all started from solving a trojen infected system.

MICROS in the news : http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/technology/internet/a-new-indian-os-on-cloud/article2523455.ece

The MICROS (Mobile In-Curred Revolutionised Operating System), which has won laurels in nationwide tech fests, boots from a pen drive, to the RAM which then dynamically expands. “The size is limited to 100MB — that makes the distribution of the package easier,” says Deepak, studying in the Loyola-ICAM College of Engineering and Technology (LICET). He calls it a live OS that does not require installation but allows you to access the files stored in the system and perform various file management functions. “This is the best time to access the benefits of cloud, and also have an operating system of your own,” he says.

As the user selects the drive to boot from the list of available storage devices, the rest is done automatically, in about 10 seconds. “MICROS helps people recover and repair, but it can also be used as a standard OS. It also maintains privacy as the OS gets deleted once switched off and the entire OS gets booted from a pen drive to a RAM hard disk,” says Deepak.

This means that once the system is shut down, the contents in the RAM get permanently deleted. “This ensures that the browsing history, cookies, and various other temporary files that contain vital information regarding your privacy details are deleted. Though the settings stored by various applications will also be erased, the virus, malware or spyware that may have infected MICROS will get deleted as well. ,” says Deepak.

 Though it is just 90MB, it is stored in the fastest storage drive in the system and so is capable of running simultaneously many applications, including multimedia, and word processing.

In enhanced packages, MICROS will soon be upgraded to include motion-controlled gestures to control the cursor on screen, says Deepak.

It is simply a Plug and Play operating system, and combines the best of proprietary and free software, using the cloud to store data. This is what we need now, to ensure comfort of use, affordability and stability,” says the young developer.

Read More : http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/technology/internet/a-new-indian-os-on-cloud/article2523455.ece

Rishab turns 1 at Pupa Clic 

​A few days after I had started Pupa Clic and decided to go main stream during my final year in college, I approached Rishab Kumar S (currently Business Operations Head at Pupa Clic) and wanted to know if what I was doing is right. I’m a firm believer when it came to the lines “it’s motivation which keeps one moving forward”. Closing in 5 years of completion when I think of the meet at sowkarpet with Rishab I find proud to share my career experience with him.

Rishab turns 1 year at Pupa Clic this month, and looking back at the milestones we’ve achieved together makes me say one thing above all “Let’s Scale”.

HungryForever hits 1,000,000

On 30th Jan 2016 I was called over by Pradeep Rajadas pertaining an issue with HHVM on HungryForever’s platform and on Feb 2016 I became the Chief Technology Officer at ForeverNetworks (the parent firm). A year has passed and a new milestone has been achieved with one of the world’s leading food blogging web domain HungryForever.com

HungryForever crosses a million likes on facebook

New Year 2017

A very Happy and Prosperous 2017.

2016 has been an amazing year with new venture relations at Pupa Clic. With 6 more months moving Pupa Clic to year 5, huge plans in the field of Business Automation, Media and Knowledge sharing awaits.

Here’s to 2017