Saturo Global – Redefining Knowledge Management Services

Saturo Global is an online portal where users can engage with the firm to purchase the required knowledge management services such as :

  • Custom Curation and Analytics
  • Patent Search and Analytics
  • Business Research and Analytics
  • Paralegal Support
  • Publishing and Document Management
  • Engagement Models

The platform comprising of a robust internal project management system aides the end user to purchase, monitor and track the work order right from the palm of their handheld device or desktop.

Saturo Global works with scientists, legal and business leaders of global management enterprises integrating knowledge/information from varied sources for trans-formative decisions based on strategic insights. Their expertise spans Life Sciences, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Physics, Chemistry, Cleantech, Computers & IT, Telecom & Networks, ICT, Digital media and Electrical & Electronics. Over the last 3 years, they have built a strong intellectual team comprising of experienced researchers, search experts and analysts with qualifications from premier educational institutions and work experience in multiple industries.

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