How hiring is done at Pupa Clic

Pupa Clic is a research and development IT firm which builds, develops, operates technology based products and solutions in Web, App and IoT also being updated on a daily basis on upcoming niche tech in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Blockchain.┬áBeing a coder or product engineer isn’t rocket science as there exists a set of protocols which govern and implement, what we expect from a PCian is to be creative and artistic in understanding the base concepts to mould a constructive scalable solution for a given problem.

Every single person at Pupa Clic are handpicked and trained personally by the tier 1 executives through a vigorous 30 day period covering:


  • Android development
  • iOS development
  • Web development
  • Server side scripting
  • Machine learning basics
  • Blockchain incorporations


  • 3D printing
  • 3D model development


  • Pitch deck creations
  • Business development basics
  • Agile implementation and execution
  • Basics of web SEO
  • Shark tank pitching rounds

All 3 sections are taught and trained to every single department, be it a developer or a business development personnelle. Post 30 days of training a non-clientele task is given to build a product, and based on its outcome we bring in the candidate to join our team.

During the 30 day training period the candidates are monitored and mentored on 3 levels

  • Communication interactions
  • Creativity shown in solving a problem
  • Being an efficient thinker with a scalable solution

Pre checks before applying at Pupa Clic

  • No standing arrears
  • Mandate PAN card holder
  • Experience as a developer is NOT mandatory

Hiring Rounds

  • Email filter
  • In face interview
  • [Mandate] Training period

Interested ? head to the above link and send in your resume.