Pupa Clic and its community outreach

The world of tech is ever changing and there exists a crunch in understanding and exposing the right talent pool to the right skill set which can expand into innovation and productisation to solve world problems in an efficient manner.

My firm Pupa Clic, A research and development IT firm focussing on providing breakthrough solutions in Web, App and IoT over the past 6.5 years has always lent its hand in promoting and bridging the gap between market need and tech development. In an upcoming event

ita mit madras inauguration

at the Madras Institute of Technology (MIT, Chennai) Abishek – COO Solutions, Pupa Clic will be representing and inaugurating the Information Technology Association (ITA).


With this, we aim to inspire more young individuals to look beyond the box and channel their focus on driving innovation by doing and not just thinking.