Game of thrones Season 7 leak and cyber security

Cyber security is a crucial element when it comes to managing intricate data online. When the ransomware virus hit the mass market, people realised whats the potential risks of mishandling files received online. With the new Season 7 episode 4 of game of thrones (got 7)leaked, folks are now awakening to piracy and how it can affect the mass market. Despite Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime and many others offering steaming solutions, the option to jump for a free source still seems to have an impact on the current Net Generation.

At Pupa Clic we ensure security standards are met at utmost contingents from the receivables to processing and deliverables. When we code, built hardware or even conduct a meeting, we ensure

  1. Logging is always implemented
  2. Handshakes are met with all involved
  3. Monitoring systems with impact alerts are set
  4. 2 layers security checks are met
  5. Encryption if needed is always processes with a secret key
  6. No back door access

These are a few to point, but as the engagement continues the rules of engagement are upgraded and not just updated.