Bill Gates and Warren Buffett

The one trait to be successful at almost anything – Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Someone recently shared me the video from TheGatesNotes where Bill Gates and Warren Buffett had a short discussion about their past. The following lines moved me and on looking back made me realize it was spot on

If you see somebody with even Reasonable Intelligence and a Terrific Passion for what they do and can influence people around them to march even when those people cant see over the top of the next hill.

Things are gonna happen.

When I first started Pupa Clic we were a team of 4 with skill sets on Web, App and IoT. We recruited our first set enriching them with knowledge gained over years on tech and product development. 5 years have passed and now we possess a task force for tech building CRMS, Products in Cloud and App and expanding verticals with machine learning, process automation and AI.

Were coders disrupting the market in Tech As A Service. #codersDisrupt

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Is a tech entrepreneur who developed India's first operating system on cloud MICROS and runs a 5 year bootstrapped Research and Development IT Firm Pupa Clic primarily spending most hours developing niche technology or managing the products built under his guidance.

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