Negligence in software feature commitments

2018 has been a year where many enterprise’s have neglected to standby the feature sets proposed. A notable trend has been noticed where hardware propositions attain complete fulfillment at the time of launch and deployment, but software based feature sets have taken a toll in its launch.

An interesting read here gives an understanding to a quick case study on such an enterprise. Since hardware involves physical testing with protocols of data predefined and validated hardware seem to pass through a feature dependent test. But, when it boils down to a software-based functionality most deployments “wing it” with the conceptualization a bug or defect can be resolved over an OTA update.

At Pupa Clic, our implementations, development and deployment have a united front where sprints are unified with software and the needed embedded stack. As every engineer is well versed with web + embedded stack, every dependency is checked to ensure a MVP or version developed is always built to have a working customer facing product and not solution.

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