Reasons why my daily driver won’t be an iPhone X

Being an entrepreneur means, your on your toes ensuring your tasks are met at the right time, moment and creating an impact with regards to productivity around your colleagues. With the launch of the iconic anniversary edition of the iPhone – iPhone X, a lot have asked me on will I be switching over my current phone, the LG – Q6.

In order to breakdown the reasons, one must understand my current daily driver’s, starting with my smart watch.

The Asus Zenwatch 2:

I travel a lot to meets and a smart watch makes absolute sense to me, it updates me on tasks, creates new entries, responses and daily commute updates on the go. I was initially having the pebble, but post its acquisition, asus was the one cause:

  • Big dial
  • 2 day battery
  • Amazing screen
  • Scratch resistance
  • Square in design
  • Update to wear 2.0
  • Seamless integration
  • Zenwatch manager

but when I recently updated my car to an i20 Active, the android auto experience led me to upgrade my old car hyudai eon, which takes me to my preferred incar entertainment.

The Pioneer AVH-Z5090BT

On the road, the Android Auto – Car Play powered media system performs all essential tasks and also has a dedicated google now button for reaching out on any queries on the go. Its packed with features such as:

  • Audio – Video playback
  • Bluetooth connectivity – Call and media streaming
  • Android Auto – car play
  • Call sync
  • DVD system
  • 4k video plays in a breeze
  • Brilliant EQ
  • Radio Link mode for streaming youtube

The Lenovo B590

As a business laptop I require a daily driver with good battery, high on productivity, fast boot and windows for the App ecosystem. The Lenovo does that and more with its good body finish, durability and performance to get the task done. The graphics isnt much to talk about at this joint as it does ship with Intel’s inbuilt, but it has enough juice to render a 2k video. 3 years and still going strong.

LG Q6 vs iPhone X

I was initially skeptical about the LG Q6, but what drived me was the speed of the processor, battery life and its thin bezel. The design is well cut and with constant utilization and connectivity there hasn’t been any issue with the battery drain or lag from the processor.

The iPhone X with its look and quality, still is an Apple in heart, which makes an iPhone X in processing in par with the S8, the dual camera lens isnt something which will driver better shots, what it needs is software processing to give you just that. Technology will rapidly change, tomorrow’s technology needn’t be through individual ecosystems but a connected one.

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