Pupa Clic Turns 6

Ever since June 1st 2012, Pupa Clic has been in the forefront of technological innovation, breaking barriers with solutions on Web, App and IoT. Clocking at a closure of 198 projects to date with 150+ IP created in the tech space, we are a force to be reckoned with.

Over the past year, in IoT we have been involved in developing end to end stacks of firmware for smart routers, creating next-generation mesh networks for enterprises as products. On Web an App we have scaled solutions in workflow automation and building consumer-facing applications for the next wave of internet applications.

A journey defined by a number living life made of experiences. You can find more of our experiences at www.pupaclic.com

How Abishek and Antony evolved with Pupa Clic

Pupa Clic is turning 6 this year on June 1st 2018 and taking a step back into memory lane there is none more prominent than Antony Joseph Ephrem .R , Chief Operations Officer – Products and Abishek .R , Chief Operations Officer – Solutions .

Pupa Clic, being a  research and development IT firm have it’s roots building solutions and products in Web, Mobile Apps and IoT (Internet of Things). Abishek and Antony headed the solutions and products division at Pupa Clic scaling the tech expertise in various domains from the ground up embedded works to enterprise Apps scaling a customer base of 52 million data.

A little insight into our works together is enclosed below :

Back in 2013, Me and Abishek built Project AR Labs, where a community run platform was built in digitalizing the Physics manual with an Augmented Reality (AR) layer by allowing students to experience and perform their experiment’s at any surrounding.

2014 was when we first ventured into embedded and IoT, and with Antony by my side, we built Pupa Clic’s very first end to end home automation solutions and smart electronics line up which we deployed to Club Mahindra Coorg through Swan Electric consortium and engineering (Swelcom).

In 2015, Abishek, Antony and I together merged Web, Mobile App and IoT tech stacks with Fuel Book – A device which converts any car into a smart car, a breakthrough in the tech space at that time and helped us breach a new product space in the market.

In 2016, our enterprise product mobFos – A feet on street management solution, where enterprises across pan India utilized the solution for Address Verification, Sales Tracking and Last mile delivery.

In 2017, mobFos reached its pinnacle of closing in 52 million customer data worldwide with approx 15,000 cases closed on a daily basis by enterprises in Financial, Telecom and Logistics sector.

With 150 IP built in-house and 297 projects deployed to date across the globe, Pupa Clic is a force to reckon with and this is just the start.